Welcome to our newest venture.

The Creative Works of

Almost Authentic

We now have bags for Bingo players of all ages.

There are three pattern styles plus the bag of the week.

The bag of the week will vary based upon the artists feel and specialty fabrics available.

Daisy bag

$ 20.00 USD

Solid blue inner bag with 6 daisy print pockets.

Bag measures approximately 7 inches tall and has a black ribbon tie.


Medallion Bag

$ 20.00 USD

This black bag is approximately 7 inches tall.

There are 6 pockets in a black/grey print around the outside. Black ribbon tie.


Pink with Dots

$ 20.00 USD

This pink bag has a black ribbon tie and stands at approximately 7 inches tall. 

The 6 pockets around the outside  are colorful mix of dots  on a black background with a hint of sparkle.


Bag of the Week

$ 20.00 USD

This black bag has deer heads on grey.

Approximately 7 inches tall with a black ribbon tie, this bag has 6 pockets around the outside.